Tenryu Seimitsu Kogyo, Ltd.

Tenryu Seimitsu Kogyo, Ltd. is one of DYMCO Group companies

Steel belt materials
Steel belt materials
Tenryu Seimitsu Kogyo has abundant stock of stainless steel coils.




Stainless Steel belt coils are cut out to target width by the slitting machine.



Endless Welded

Welded Endless Belt

Welded Endless Belt is manufactured by butt welding on the cross section of both strip edges.

Endless belt slitting

Endless belt slitting

This is our original special manufacturing method.
You see no clear bump as it is in stack welding.


Tenryu Seimitsu Kogyo Staff measures the thickness
and the width of the stainless steel belt and examine
defectiveness  i.e. bend, smoothness of belts, scractch and discoloration.
After final external check, the products will be packed and delivered.