Uneven Belt Surfaces

Problem with Uneven Belt Surfaces?

《Laminate / sheet forming》

Conveyor steel belt (DW type)


  • Thin film forming and film coating on both sides of material can be conducted on steel belts.
  • Thickness of steel belts is highly uniform
  • The welded area is practically the same thickness as the base material by precise butt-welding
  • Belt surface can be processed into flat mirrored surface.
  • Belts can be heated and cooled



  • Producing film for electronic parts
  • Pressure molding resins
  • Laminating paper
  • Drying, cooling, and uniformly shaping resin and rubber sheets


Drawing for film formingステンレススチールオープンベルト写真


Drawing for Laminate forming



High tensile stainless steel


Producible range

Can be possible to make products out of the below range.

  • Thickness...0.2~1.2mm
  • Width......100mm~1500mm
  • Length (machine)...1000~5000mm