Static Electricity

Problem with Static Electricity?

《Semiconductor / electronics manufacturing equipment, plastic / film conveying》

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt (DW type)


Metal belts are optimal for preventing static electricity or electrostatic discharge. The electricity may affect the quality of semiconductors and other electronics. Therefore stainless steel belts are excellent at conveying such items. Additionally, unlike plastics and films, they prevent the adherence of dusts and particles.



  • Conveying sealed semiconductor packages
  • Assembly conveying of electronic parts (function check, UV processing, trim and form)
  • Conveying films
  • Conveying chemicals (prevent particles from adhering to chemicals due to static electricity)



  • High Tensile Stainless Steel


Tensile Strength (N/mm2)113013201175
Hardness (Hv)370430350
Young's Module (N/mm2)181300196000196000
Targeted Thermal Expansion Coefficient (C)()(20-100℃)17.3×10-616.9×10-610.9×10-6
Targeted Thermal Expansion Coefficient (C)()(20-650℃)18.7×10-618.7×10-612.1×10-6


Producible range

 We propose the best belt dimensions to various layout and environments

DW Belt Producible range     Unit (mm)
 Belt width

Belt Length




0.05        330-
0.1        400-
0.15        600-
0.2        750-
0.3        1100-
0.4        1500-
0.5        1800-
0.6        2200-
0.8        3000-
1.0        5000-
        Belt length:-∞
    Producible range     


Please contact us for dimensions out of this range.
In certain cases, the dimensions mentioned above may not be available, manageable depending on the combination of materials. Please contact us for any inquiries regarding this matter