Positioning Accuracy

Problem with Positioning Accuracy?

《High-speed intermittent drive / assembling and inspection equipment》

Conveyor Steel Belt (DP Type)


  • Stainless steel belts are very strong and barely stretch. This materializes various possibilities. Excellent positioning accuracy and precise responsiveness, continuous assembly and inspection conveying of batch processes
  • High value-added conveying, enabling the operation of various processes within limited space
  • Processes like marking, cutting and inspection on the upper surface of belt at every feed-in pitch
  • Downsizing of devices, leaner space, less noise and low cost
  • Easy design of equipment due to many possible tasks on the belt surfaces
  • No need of lubrication and long life



Intermittent positioning conveyor (Video)

Intermittent positioning movements applied to high speed and high precision intermittent drive on assembling and inspection equipment

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Machine using a steel belt
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