Gas generation in vacuum devices and others

《Vacuum device / robot》

Stainless Steel Open Belt (DO Type)


ガスの発生問題の解消イメージOur stainless steel belts well serve as both drive and conveyor belts inside vacuum equipment for producing of semiconductors, liquid-crystal displays and other items. Oil is not necessary for both motions.

Our metal belts offer sophisticated solutions against in-vacuum gas generation. This is realized by high corrosion resistance and high tensile strength of stainless steel. Here we introduce high-level functions gained by uniqueness of stainless steel belts as well as the counter-measures against gas generation caused by rubber and plastic timing belts.



[Linear Motion]
  • Resolves vibration, noise, oil scattering and cost increase that occur in linear motions.
  • High tensile stainless steel belts realize accurate response, enabling sharp positioning and high speed.
 Steel band shuttle 

Steel band shuttle
Stainless Steel Open Belt 

Stainless Steel Open Belt
[Precise Rotation]
  • Being made from ultra-thin and high tensile stainless steel after repeated precise rolling manufacturing processes, these belts are capable of ultra-precise friction power transmission.
  • High rigidity provides quality response.
Steel belt speed reducer photo
Steel belt speed reducer
Stainless steel endless belt 

Stainless steel
endless belt
Aluminum pulleys photo
Aluminum pulleys
[Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor]
  • Plays a role in shutting out gases and contamination during the in-vacuum conveying of semiconductors, other electronics, LCD and other
Standard models of stainless steel 

belt conveyor photo
Standard models of stainless steel belt conveyor
Base machine using stainless steel 

belt for intermittent drive (Perforated belt)
stainless steel belt for intermittent drive (Perforated belt) photo
Perforated belt and sprocket photo
Perforated belt and sprocket