Conveying metal products with burrs and edges

Problem with Conveying metal products with burrs and edges?

《Pressing machine / machine tool》

Conveyor Stainless Steel Belt (DW type)


Stainless steel belts bring the best advantage of high-tensile stainless steel. The rigid and smooth belt surface eases conveying and pooling of metal parts with burrs and edges. They are hardly get damaged or scratched and do not fray unlike rubber and plastic belts. In addition, since products can be conveyed stably and quietly without being affected by any vertical vibrations or displacements due to their smooth belt surface, they are optimal for measuring and inspection operations.



  • Conveying metal products with burrs and fins, caused by stamping, panel beating, welding and other operations as automobile parts, etc
  • Conveying products that are coated with excess oil
  • Pooling transportation



  • DW Type



[High tensile stainless steel]

エンドレスベルト(DWタイプ) 写真


Producible range

We propose the best belt dimensions to various layout and environments


Producible range of DW belt      Unit(mm)
 Belt widthBelt length
Belt Thick-ness0.05        330-
0.1        400-
0.15        600-
0.2        750-
0.3        1100-
0.4        1500-
0.5        1800-
0.6        2200-
0.8        3000-
1.0        5000-
        Belt length:-∞
   Producible range