Conveying in high temperature

Problem with Conveying in high temperature?

《Thermal treatment equipment》

Conveyor Stainless Steel Belt (DW type)


Stainless steel belts are good solutions for deterioration and heat resistance of conveyor belts used in high temperature. Steel belts bear outstanding heat resistance. In addition, these belts are very hygienic as the surface is flat and rigid ,and they neither fray nor soil easily. They are also perfectly suitable for solving problems caused by heat-resistant mesh belts. They can also be applied under cooling or freezing environment.



  • Conveying of substrates in a reflow furnace and others
  • Ultraviolet drying, conveying for sterilization or hardening
  • Conveying of high temperature workpieces




[Heat-resistant Stainless Steel]


Tensile Stength (N/mm2)113013201175
Hardness (Hv)370430350
Young's Module (N/mm2)181300196000196000
Targeted Thermal Expansion Coefficient()(20-100℃)17.3×10-616.9×10-610.9×10-6
Targeted Thermal Expansion Coefficient()(20-650℃)18.7×10-618.7×10-612.1×10-6



Producible range


DW Belt Producible range     Unit (mm)
 Belt width

Belt Length




0.05        330-
0.1        400-
0.15        600-
0.2        750-
0.3        1100-
0.4        1500-
0.5        1800-
0.6        2200-
0.8        3000-
1.0        5000-
        Belt length:-∞
    Producible range      


Please contact us for dimensions out of this range.
In certain cases, the dimensions mentioned above may not be available, depending on the combination with material. Please contact us for any inquiries regarding this matter.