Contamination / Uncleanability / Residual Odor

Problem with Contamination / Cleaning / Residual Odor?

《Food Conveyor, Processing Machinery》

Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor

Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor DFC



Its all-stainless steel body ensures durability, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. It is optimal for conveying items require heating, drying and cooling which are impossible for plastic or rubber belts!

Unlike rubber or plastic belts, stainless steel ones prevent the infestation and reproduction of bacteria, allowing optimal direct loading of foods onto them.

  • Despite being a stainless steel belt, its minimum drive or tail roller diameter is 80mm, enabling smooth elevation of foods and compact layout.

  • Stainless steel belts do not wither or deteriorate when cleaned or sterilized with hot water or alkaline chemicals.

  • Colors and smells can be washed away from stainless steel belts, products can be conveyed without such concern.

  • Belt edges do not fray and coatings do not peel off. Our belt eliminates any fears of foreign substance incorporation.



  • Direct food conveying

  • Food washing

  • Food filling, food sterilization, conveying before packaging

  • Dewatering, drying

  • Freezing, cooling


[Conveying foods]

Rice, prepared foods, fresh fish, meats, pickled foods, pasty foods, processed foods before packaging, powdery foods, chocolates, cream cakes, caramel, candies, fried foods

Conveying frozen food
Frozen foods

Fresh meat
Fresh meat


Frozen rice
Frozen rice