Belt thickness and uneven surfaces

Problem with Belt Elongation and Vibration?

《Inspection equipment》

Conveyor Stainless Steel Belt (DW type / DR type)


Our thorough mastery of material and butt-welding technology is the basis of DYMCO's steel belt endless process. Owing to this technology, differences in belt thickness and distortions are limited to the minimum, producing even and high-strength welding areas. This is what we call DW type.

In addition, we have DR type. Heat treatment and rolling technology is employed after welding. This process increases the strength of the belts and restrains their shape, producing seamless belts with accuracy. The accuracy of thickness becomes an amazing 5/1000 for DR type. Please try DYMCO's steel belts if you are troubled with belt thickness accuracy.



  • Image inspection conveying; horizontal camera shooting
Inspection process for electronic parts, substrates and others (shape dimensions, conduction and other checks of characteristics.)
  • Measurement of thickness; precise reading of workpiece indications
Used as dimension check device to measure thickness and shape of workpiece on the belt



  • Image inspection conveying
Inspection processes for electronics, substrates and others (shape, dimension, conduction and other characteristic checks, etc.)