Solar Stringer Soldering Machine Belts / Tabber and Stringer Belts


Perforated Belts: Suction hole diameter, round holes, long holes, and belt dimension can be customized.


Solar stringer machines are used to solder solar cells into modules, which then become part of larger solar panels.
Steel belts being used convey the solar cells being welded, and a wider belt design accommodates busbars of various sizes for flexible production.
This belt is called stringer belt, and essential key parts of the production system for monocrystalline and/or polycrystalline cell modules.
Vacuum perforations are applied in the belt design to ensure the alignment of cell modules during transportation for the accuracy of soldering.
DYMCO also offers adhesion free and superior release qualities of PTFE coatings on the surface of stringer belt for the easy operation of soldering.


Fluororesin coated belts. Sevearal types of coating are available such as non-adherent type, wear proof type, etc. Solar cells are connected by solder-coated Copper ribbon.



1. High tensile strength, low expansion, heat resistant stainless steel with many applications for automatic soldering line of 200 Celsius temperature environment.
2. Flat weld and narrow heat affected zone to keep the flat belt shape.
3. Design freedom of belt with customized hole diameter, hole pitch, hole shape, belt thickness, belt width, and belt length.
4. High dimensional accuracy of belt length. In case of multi belt operation, small belt length deviation is essential.
5. Customized belt coating is available. Superior release type, wear proof type, low reflection type etc.