Regular Steel Belt Conveyor

Semiconductor, liquid-crystal film / glass, electronics manufacturing equipment

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Steel belts are appropriate for continuous conveying in clean rooms as they generate minimal contamination in belt conveying systems. In addition, the limited amount of vibration causes no influence on workpieces, and the high conductivity enables electric resistance less than 10Ω. Preventing electrostatic charge and limiting contamination to minimum, steel belts are capable of maintaining consistently clean conveying conditions.

Steel belts are the first gear for improved productivity and quality!

  • Designed and manufactured in units 





Steel Belt Conveyor Applications

  • Conveyor lines for PCB and disk drive units
  • HDD assembly conveyor lines
  • Manufacturing and inspection lines for electronic parts



  • Stainless Steel Standard Conveyors [PDF:7830KB]

 Steel belt conveyor Producible Range


Producible range of standard conveyors 単位(mm)
  Belt width Center Distances (optional)
40 50 75 100 150 200 250 300 400 500
Pulley Diameter φ50                     223-4000
φ90                     350-3000
φ163                     600-4000


 Steel Belt Conveyor in clean rooms

Conveyor for use in clean rooms

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