Flexible Air Roller and Flexible Mirror Roller

The flexible air roller is a thin metal sleeve having a hollow pneumatic structure. Although this is a metal roller, it realizes a plane contact like a rubber roller. This plane contact brings many effects in sheet forming.

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  • Compared with a line contact formed between hard metal rollers, the plane contact can be secured with this metal roller.This results in effective moderate pressurization.
  • Effective for transcription of mirrored and embossed surface
  • Metal surfaces offer abrasion and heat resistance


Flexible air roller and its hollow pneumatic structure

Application example: Pressure bonding roller in lamination
Application example: Pressure bonding roller in lamination


Flexible mirror roller



  • Forming rollers for various plastic films and sheets
  • Laminating rollers
  • Various rollers in printing machines


Dimensions in mm

  • Outside diameter: φ500 max
  • Length: 2000L max
  • Thickness: 0.03 - 1.00mmt

Notes: The roller itself has no cooling or heating function. The dimension range depends on the combinations of diameter, length and thickness.