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Fine abrasive and filler

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Pumice powders
Pumice powders
SEM image of Pumice
SEM image of Pumice


Features and benefits

  • Non-crystalline silica - safe for human
    Superior in hardness to other silica abrasive - Wear resistant
  • Porous - absorbent and breathable
  • Very light but large in capacity - Good as filler
  • Silica is the principal component - Fireproof and heat- insulating effect
  • Inorganic substance - No resolution, no combustion, no corrosion and chemical stability
  • Two series are available. They are supplied after precise pulverizing, grading and severe quality control.
    LHM series: Low Heavy Mineral with heavy mineral of 0.1% or less
    NCS series: particularly fine Non-Crystalline-Silica with 3-15 micron size
  • Wide range of particle size, nearly 50 variations from 3μm to 4 mm
  • Custom-made particle distribution is available.



AbrasiveOptical glass, CRT glass, printed circuit boards, photoresist, metal plates
Deburring materialMetal and plastic products, frames for glasses
FillerPaint, plastic, detergent, paper, rubber
Filter materialWater, oil, drain, filtering equipment, chemicals
Building materialGrout, light-weight heat-insulating aggregate, fireproof construction blocks
Soil improvementHorticulture, gardens and parks


Physical properties


Silica dioxideAluminum oxideKaliumNatriumIronWater
Hegman5 - 8     
Mohs hardness6.1     
Oil absorbency34 - 40%     
Bulking value0.05     
Bulk density33.7 - 36.2     
Reflectance ratio74.4 - 77.2%     
Refraction factor1.76%     
Specific gravity2.3     


Standard Packing



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