High Friction Coating and Ultra Thin High Friction Shim


This coating can be applied to flexible thin metal parts or solid metal parts. The super hard micro spike created by this coating bite the surface of fastening parts providing the high coefficient of friction. It is suitable for the assembly of small robots or precision devices. The process can be applied to any customized shape or designated area of customer supply parts.


  1. Looseness of the fastening part becomes limited. This may lead to - decrease the number of fastening positions and the fastening areas, which contributes to smaller robots and smaller precision devices.
  2. No worry about rusts and corrosion. Substrates are thin metal like stainless steel and aluminum.
  3. Friction coating is available on customized shape. It is also available on specified areas in parts supplied from customers. Masking protects other areas.


Application Examples


1. Non slip on the surface to be
    chucked like red areas below
2. High friction coated shims         and other fastening parts



3. High friction pulley 4. High frictionLighter fastening parts in            scalar robot's tip arm fixing part


  • Substrate: Metal such as stainless steel and aluminum

    *Coating is not available on plastics and ceramics

    *In case of stainless steel: SUS304H Thickness 0.1mm and more

  • Thickness of friction coating: About 50 μm
  • Indication of coating roughness: About Ry 50 μm
  • Allowable surface pressure: 3920 N/cm2