Belt Surface Treatments

DYMCO's surface treatment technologies support steel belts and its various functions.

Our latest blog about Belt Surface Treartment Nov.6

Fluoroplastic coating

  • Non-stick release;
  • Heating process such as UV irradiation and sterilization, drying and heat sealing;
  • Image inspection process using reflection-free surface of the coated belt


Photo etching

  • Offers remarkable cost reduction for an initial setting because photo etching does not require high tooling charge.
  • Without burrs, distortion and work hardening photo etching realizes excellent surface flatness.



  • Highly accurate perforation of micron order
  • Excellent hardness of Hv450 to 550
  • Smaller hole diameter than belt thickness


Micro press work

  • Super minimum tolerance of perforation
  • Smooth inside wall of a hole like mirror finish
  • Various hole shapes
  • Sharp edge


Plank minute perforation on thick belts

  • Super high speed processing: max 4000 holes/second
  • Aspect ratio more than 10 (ratio between belt thickness and hole diameter)
  • Processing on three dimensional objects
  • Diagonal holes


Thermal Spraying

  • This process sprays thermal spray material to pulleys or material surface.The outcome rough surface offers higher friction coefficient and often works as nonskid between metals.


Mirror polishing

  • Mirror finish on stainless steel
  • Available for plates, strips and endless belts.



  • Punching holes with various shapes and patterns on a metal board


Diffusion joint

  • Minute holes by building up thin etching plates
  • Thick plates available through the multilayer structure
  • Possible continuous operation under high temperature
  • Easy washing and drying due to smoothness and no clearance between layers


Reforming processing

  • The hardened layer of 20~60 microns is generated on material surface.


Bandsaw substrate

  • Open stainless steel strips are welded to be endless and diamonds are electroplated along edges.
  • These bandsaws cut hard material.


Band knife

  • Sharp edge is given to a metal strip. This cuts various material.
  • It can be endless.