Suction / Vacuum Conveyor


Positioning and Flatness are priority.

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  • Steel belt surface is kept flat with adequate suction.  Fragile and thin obljects are attached to belt surface, even though a belt is inclined. 
  • Hole diameter, hole pitch, and hole positions are set up arbitrarily.
  • Steel belt surface is flat and forms plane.
  •  0.05 mm or less is vertical vibration of a belt surface.
  • True tracking is maintained by V-guide.  


  • Continuous printing and image inspection on a steel belt
  • Lamination of breathable or non-breathable film and sheets
  • Suction conveyance of round objects such as pea-shaped and cylindrical items. 
   These items form lines on a belt with adequate shape of holes. 
  • Positioning is maintained by vacuum and objects do not move by inertia.

Vacuum Conveyor

Suction holes and EPC of Vacuum Conveyor 

VIDEO: Vacuum Conveyor


(※ Specifications out of the below range can be discussed. )

《Conveyor specifications》
 Conveyor width : 320mm
 Center distance between pulleys  : 1000mm
 Pulley diameter : φ120mm

《Belt Specifications》
 Type: DP1884-030-280-2380
 Size : 0.3t×280W×2380L(Perforation at center 220W)
 Material : SUS304H
 Hole specifications : φ0.5-0.95P, Zigzag at 60 degrees

《V-guide Specifications》
 Type: 2 strings (1 string on each side)