Stainless Steel Endless Belts

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Main Futures of Dymco's Steel Belts

1) The flatness of endless belts
The unevenness of base material and weld line is less than 10μm and it is also flat to the side directions at the weld line. Unless the metal belt is flat, problems will occur on continuous readings by an inspection device or inkjet printing. This occurs because the work piece distance for cameras, sensors, lasers, inkjet parts, among others, cannot be kept consistent. The conveyor with a welded metal belt of 50mm width has less than 50μm of vertical movement on the carrying surface of the metal belt.

Moreover, in resin molding we have history with this degree of flatness. The common seamless belts and rollers take time and is costly, but with welded belt, measurements could be adjusted freely and metal mold is unnecessary.
It will allow freedom in measurements which will shorten lead-time and lower costs.
In addition, since the welded area is flat, the coating on the metal belt will have no bumps.
For automated soldering process which connects solar battery cells of mere 150μm=0.006 inches, our thin film welding belt has gained praises from our users.
(Measurements may vary)
2) High Quality Belt Material
In order to achieve the all-important straightness of the metal belt, only selected stainless steel from materials that qualified JIS standards.
JIS standard for the horizontal bend is 4mm/2m but we have installed an internal standard even more strict to select the material and have achieved less than 0.5mm/2m.
Due to the low horizontal bend profile of the material, the difference in peripheral 1measurement is minimal from right to the left, which creates belts with less meander.
In addition, the swaying is reduced on the lifts with its stage vertically moved by 4 open metal belts, and the electric actuators used for clean rooms have gained complements as covers with high degree of straightness. Similarly, we inspect the waveform shape on the coils and only use the coils that passed our internal standards.
3) Our endless belts and open belts have achieved ±0.1% of peripheral precision, and because the belt length
has consistent length multiple metal belts could be installed parallel fashion to carry large trays, films and cells among others.
4) Wide endless belt with max width of 1300mm is possible for belts with less than 0.6mm of thickness.
We could accommodate measurements equivalent to A0, B0.
5) Dymco Original Seamless Endless Metal Belts that pursued Precision Drive and Precision Feeders
After lowering the rigidity of a welded metal belt with heat treatment, we repeatedly roll the belt along the perimeter with our original rolling machine to make the “Seamless Ring Belt” Commonly, the welded portion when heated loses a third of tensile strength in comparison to its base material, but we are able to attain consistent tensile strength of over 980N/mm2 throughout the whole circumference without any seams.
Merit 1
This belt is thin but has great strength and could be used in small pulley layouts.
Common welded belts would require a pulley diameter of 700 x the thickness of the metal belt, but since the ring rolled belt has a high bend stress level, pulleys of 400x the thickness could be applied.
Merit 2
Since it is seamless along the perimeter, weld lines will not appear on the work. It has been praised on continuous processing such as thermocompression for heat sealers.
Merit 3
Because the thickness is even without seams, it will contribute to precise power transmission.
6) Seamless Steel Sleeves by Rolling and Electroforming
Dymco will provide cylindrical sleeves this thickness in the range of 200μm.
We have received positive feedbacks on its surface contact quality due to its flexibility and thin sleeve, and have work history in micro pattern molding, continuous copying, nanoimprinting, toner stabilizer for inside laser printers among other.
7) Fluororesn Coated Metal Belt
Pursuing heat resistance, nonadherence, and friction resistant qualities, we will propose coating options that are suitable for your goals.

Main Futures of Dymco's Steel Belts

Our work environment strictly implements 5S methodology. We take great pride in our management of inspection devices as well.
We have a collection of original equipment best suited for thin metal belt processing and inspection, to manufacture accurately and with speed. Depending on specs and quantity, we could deliver within a single week.
We will adhere to the promised delivery date and for our overseas users, we will communicate promptly regarding shipping information and attach customs clearance papers.


We are a Japanese steel belt manufacturer and we have been providing custom-made  metal belts for 30 years to one-of the-kind production lines for main clients such as Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Panasonic, Toyota and Sony to name a few.
In addition to processing metal belts, we also fully utilize our drilling, various types of surfacing and V guide processing technology to manufacture and distribute metal belts used in clean rooms and vacuum environment, as well as for electronic parts, batteries, film material, medical equipment, wrapping devices, printing, precision drives, robotics and food industries. We have extensive business experience in exporting to Asia, Europe and the United States.